You will discover 3 cornerstones of the 3E-Program.

What you will learn in our 4 weeks program

  • You will discover 3 cornerstones:

    1. Detoxication– promoting a way of diminishing tumors in a natural way
    2. Nutrition – energy with the help of the original oil-protein diet from Dr. Johanna Budwig
    3. Maximising energy – mental training

  • You will find out the many myths about the oil-protein diet and how you follow the original

  • You will feel amazing and full of energy

Why are you offering more than just the oil-protein diet?

Lothar Hirneise:
“The 3E-program consists of the original oil-protein diet, just as I learned it from Dr. Johanna Budwig, and of other therapies which can be applied together with the oil-protein diet, without reducing its effects, such as detoxification and mental therapies.

The difference between them is that the oil-protein diet involves no cytostatic acting or apoptosis-inducing drugs. For this reason is the oil-protein diet suitable mainly for people who do not have a very large tumor mass or want to go fundamentally a `100 % natural way´. From the perspective of Kausanetik is this advantageous if the symptom momentum on the physical side did not yet occur, or if enough time can be assumed and the increased cell division of cancer cells, as it happens even by the oil-protein diet, doesn´t represent any additional physical challenges for the patient.”

What led the development of the 3E-program?

Lothar Hirneise:
“I have learned during the last few years constantly something new by working daily with a final cancer patient and it made me think about what I can combine. Unlike many others, it was never my goal to „improve or change“ the Oil-Protein Diet, I wanted to find a way how it could be better combined with other therapies, which have also proved that they can help seriously ill people.”

Are there any changes in the oil-protein diet in the program?

Lothar Hirneise:
“Of course not. I think that it is wrong and dangerous because the Oil-Protein Diet is just like the Gerson therapy or macrobiotics a self-contained system where you cannot just here and there change something. I kept in terms of diet and consideration of the magnetic environment everything exactly as I learned it from Dr. Johanna Budwig and have added only detoxification therapies and included mainly energetic work.”

Who will benefit from the program?

Anybody who wants to get or stay healthy and has been affected by cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, heart problems.
For people who have cancer, it is important to know that learning the oil-protein diet from a book is one thing, but to learn and to experience the complete and original concept of the Budwig protocol as a therapy is another. In our experience of the oil-protein diet, individual requirements and circumstances also need to be considered when putting together an individual plan.