Our Center in Southern Germany

Our Center is a unique place located in the south of Germany (close to Stuttgart), only 40 km away from where Dr. Johanna Budwig used to have her practice. It is a place without distracting and burdensome external influences, a place of rest and relaxation; a place where you can find yourself. It is a very quiet place which is very easy to get to. We have created beautifully natural surroundings, an oasis of peace, for you. It has a beneficial ambiance which will support you in your development.

Our Center which was built in 2006 (more than 10,000 people have attended our program), stands alone in the midst of the most beautiful nature and right on the edge of the woods. You will love the Mediterranean architecture, warm colors, and rooms that are permeated with light. With only 20 rooms, we seek to ensure that there is a family atmosphere amongst the guests, which can also be cultivated with our team.

You will live in modern comfort in large rooms which all have en-suite facilities, some also with a terrace. We have made a conscious decision not to include radio, Wi-Fi, television or a minibar.


  • +49(0)7151/9813–0

  • info@3e-zentrum.de

  • 3E-Zentrum Buocher Hoehe Im Salenhaeule 10 D-73630 Remshalden-Buoch Germany

The Center is not an alternative to a biological (cancer) clinic, but a seminar building which has a hotel-like character.

At 519 meters above sea level, it is the highest place in Buoch and its well-loved foot-paths make greater Stuttgart easy to get to.

Take in the peace and nature, return to earth and re-discover yourself.

  • Modern Comfort

  • Atmosphere That Promotes Well-being

  • Wonderful Nature

  • Personal Service