Johanna Budwig

Dr. Johanna Budwig, also known as the Flaxseed LadJohanna Budwigy, was born on 30th September 1908 in Essen, Germany.
She died on 19th May 2003. She was a biochemist, pharmacist, author and
 held doctorate degrees in physics and chemistry. Dr. Johanna Budwig ´s work was inspired by the studies of Professor Otto Warburg, who recognized that the true biological cause of cancer is the destruction of cell respiration, and received the Nobel Prize 1931 for this discovery. Dr. Budwig used this information to develop her oil-protein diet; a toolkit to reactivate cell respiration.

Warburg based his work on the knowledge that humans, as heliotropes, need electrons from light to metabolize and survive. The human body absorbs photons via resonance, i.e. our tissues must be vibrating at the same bandwidth as oncoming rays. It wasn´t until after Warburg´s death that the nutritionist Johanna Budwig managed to prove the significance of fats for the human metabolism. She achieved this by discovering that highly unsaturated fats (in form of flaxseed/linseed oil or linolenic acids) enable the body to absorb electrons when combined with certain proteins. They are a natural means of inducing cell respiration.

Dr. Budwig realized that the foundation of the human metabolism is disrupted when natural fats are replaced with highly processed and artificially modified oils and fats (e.g. hydrogenated fats and trans fats). Relevant health authorities recognize the damaging impact of these substances; industrial trans fats can cause metabolic disorders and metabolic pathway blockages, which play a demonstrable role in causing cancer. In spite of hostilities and threats, as well as bribes from interest groups, Dr. Budwig committed to publishing this information. She was always committed to serving both her patients and honest science.

Collating all of her lifetime´s discoveries, Dr. Budwig developed the oil-protein diet, so that cancer patients and their families can easily implement and make use of this valuable scientific knowledge, which will significantly encourage and support their healing process.

The list of patients who have been healed by Dr. Budwig´s methods is long. Even at over 90 years old she proved the accuracy research, through the successful healing of patients who were otherwise beyond treatment.