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Oil-Protein Diet


We want to help to share the original legacy of Dr. Johanna Budwig with the world. She was a true genius and our values are to share the truth, be honest and to lead by example. This is what the Budwig Center in Germany is all about.

LOTHAR HIRNEISECancer Researcher
Lothar is the chairman of the Krebs21 Association, co-founder of the 3E Centre and author of the well-known cancer encyclopedia; Chemotherapy Cures Cancer and the Earth is Flat: an encyclopedia of unconventional cancer treatment.
He traveled the world for many years as a cancer researcher, searching for the most successful treatment for the disease. Through his work with Kausanetic and the foundation of the 3E Program, he has become internationally renowned as one of the few experts in the area of holistic cancer treatment.
KLAUS NIGEL PERTL Managing Director and Mind Coach
Klaus is a board member of Krebs21 and a professional visualization trainer (Mindstore).

He is a co-founder of the 3E Centre and his main function at the center is as manager and facilitator of ’mind techniques’.

He has taught more than 10,000 people in the last few years, and his particular strength is his ability to convey complex topics in a simple way.

How it all begann

How we found out about the oil protein diet

First time I (Lothar Hirneise) heard of Dr. Johanna Budwig and the oil-protein diet was precisely in America, as Frank Wiewel told me that he had been in contact with Dr. Budwig for several years. He advised me to visit Dr. Budwig because I lived only one hour by car away from her home.

Together with Klaus Pertl I then visited Dr. Budwig in the spring of 1998 for the first time and from the beginning, it was an intense relationship that would persist for several years. Even when one of my next visits I asked Dr. Budwig if she liked to give two presentations with me and other holistically minded physicians together in Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

At first, she refused, but a few days later she called me and agreed. And that is why Dr. Budwig on 23. and 24 September 1998 after decades gave the first two lectures in the public. And half a year later for my birthday she made another gift and held together with me and Frank Wiewel from the USA a further lecture in her hometown Freudenstadt.

Over several years I was a close companion of this grand dame of Science and we drank a few glasses of champagne together and discussed only interrupted by her afternoon nap, which she always held, countless hours about nutrition, oncology, church and many medical things in general. I had for several years the great good fortune to learn the opinions of Dr. Budwig from first hand and I will be eternally grateful for this.

I would not deny that Dr. Budwig was no “simple person” and sometimes she put me in my place and didn’t honor new arguments. But at least the next day she called me at home and told me in her usual substantive way why she reacted like this. As background you should know that Dr. Budwig was never married, always lived for science and almost her entire life dealt with other scientists.

This was certainly no simple life, and because in the family circle she had nobody to talk to about her oil-protein diet she sometimes was glad that she found in me someone she could talk to about her theories. Thus it came about that she suggested one day to write a book in which she could explain her theories again briefly and concisely.

And so the Book was made: Cancer – the problem and the solution. Above all the time when we prepared this book I have in my mind. I often visited her in Dietersweiler to discuss various opinions and her physical and mental faculties at that time were incredibly for a woman of nearly 90 years.

I had the feeling that once again she was really inspired to write a book and every time when I came to her there were already numerous articles and books on one of her three desks and she wanted to discuss them with me. The content of our Conversations, of course, was about fat and electrons. Furthermore, she helped to improve my analytical thinking and I’m always grateful for the instructions how to basically question everything positive analytically.

Shortly after publication of the book: “The Problem of Cancer and The Solution” Dr. Budwig asked me if I would edit her main work, the book: Oil-Protein Diet together with her and publish it again. I immediately affirmed so we sat together again for this work to be revised.

Initially, Dr. Budwig intended to edit the book on a grand scale, but as we just fixed the new content she, unfortunately, was not very well physically and we determined to complete the overhaul later instead we decided to reprint the book with only a few changes. Unfortunately for health reasons the time never came to revision her standard work.

The oil-protein diet is not just for me and not only for cancer patients something very special. In the past 10 years I convinced myself personally of the effectiveness of this diet and for me, it is now the base of our 3E-Program in the 3E-Centre.

Unfortunately, there is no official successor of Dr. Budwig. Although I probably was her “only student” I would never consider myself as her successor because she was a person that is not replaceable. I wish only that I can help that this brilliant diet IN ITS ORIGINAL FORM will be maintained and will help many people.

Addendum: In recent years I met a lot of people who believed that they needed to “improve” the oil-protein diet. Some just left out a little something such as carbohydrates and others have added something new or altered the recipes. We do not want to waste our time by constantly talking about those alterations to the original diet, but one thing we want to say: they did not improve the brilliant work of Dr. Budwig because they had no better results!

What is the Oil-Protein Diet?


The oil-protein diet is a genius nutrition therapy. Invented by Dr. Johanna Budwig, the well-known German scientist. The heart of this diet is to correct the reduced or disturbed cell respiration.

We thank you for your interest in the original Oil-Protein Diet


We are here to support and to guide you.

We love to hear your stories and experience with the oil-protein diet. Together we can help to bring this diet to more and more people.

Please feel free to contact us by email. Due to the time zone differences, we are located in Germany, it may take one day before we are able to answer your emails. But we will answer all emails that we receive.

We want to do everything to bring the true and original oil-protein diet to the world exactly the way that Dr. Johanna Budwig herself has taught it to us.

Lothar Hirneise & Klaus Pertl