General Terms and Conditions for the 3E-Program within the Seminarzentrum Buocher Höhe GmbH (SZBH)

All services within the framework of our offer are subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Conclusion of the contract
1.1. The reservation of the 3E Programme becomes with the written confirmation of the services (3E-Programme) of the

SZBH for the guest and the SZBH binding.

1.2. The conclusion of the seminar contract obligates the contractual parties to full fill the contact, regardless of the
duration of the contract.

1.3. The concluded contract can only be terminated for good causes.

1.4. If the person making the reservation not identical with the person arriving as a guest, both parties are liable for all
contractual obligations as joint debtors.

2. Arrival and Departure
2.1. Unless otherwise agreed the guest can have access to the room on the day of arrival after 11:00 am. All rooms must
be vacated on the day of departure until 09:30 am. After that If the guest stays from 09:30 until 18:00 in the room SZBH
will charge 50% of the full list price. After 18:00 the full list price. The guest is free to prove to the SZBH that no or a low
damage has occurred. The right of SZBH for possible claims of damaged remains.

2.2. Unless a later arrival time was agreed SZBH has the right to give a booked room after 18:00 to another guest,
without the guest being able to claim any compensation.

2.3. The reservation dates are binding for both parties.

2.4. Reserved rooms and services are available to the guest only for the agreed period of time. Use of the reserved
rooms beyond the agreed time period requires the approval of the SZBH.

2.5. In case of a planned departure after 09:30 am the reception is to be notified by 17:00 (Monday – Friday) the night

3. Services
3.1. The Guest is not entitled to receive a certain room.

3.2. If the agreed rooms are not available, SZBH is obliged to find a suitable replacement in the SZBH location or in
other locations.

3.3. The 3E programme begins with lunch on arrival day and ends with breakfast on departure day.

3.4. If a guest, for whatever reason has booked a meal (e.g. breakfast) but does not attend that meal he has no
entitlement for reimbursement, not pro rata, nor to a reduction.

3.5. A VAT increase after the contract is payable by the service recipient / the guest.

3.6. Agreed prices can after the conclusion of contract be changed by the SZBH if the period between conclusion of
contract and the value performance is more than 4 months.

3.7. Eventually granted special conditions must be mentioned at time of booking or on arrival. Subsequent changes or
reductions are not possible.

3.8. Reservation changes (changes in the number of reserved services, the length of stay, or other essential services of
SZBH) entitle the SZBH to charge different prices.

3.9. The prices are per person including the applicable VAT (value added tax set by the Government).

4. Payments
4.1. The full fee for the booked and confirmed services is generally due 10 days before the guest arrives to the 3E

4.2. If a guest is in default of payment, the SZBH may cancel the agreement with immediate effect. The right of
enforcement of further costs, in particular the loss of other otherwise renting the room to other guests remains.

4.3. Invoices addressed to companies are only created when the SZBH receives from the invoice recipient a written
declaration (assumption of costs) on their official business paper and if this declaration is accepted by the SZBH. These
invoices are payable within 7 days of invoice date without deduction and in the currency stated on the invoice. In case of
delay of payment the SZBH is entitled to charge interest at the rate of 4% above the respective discount rate of the
“Deutsche Bundesbank” (German Central Bank). The guest / host has the right to proof a lower damage. SZBH has the
right to proof a higher damage.

4.4. The acceptance of credit cards is in each case up to the SZBH, even if the general acceptance of credit cards is
displayed on notice boards in SZBH. The acceptance of credit card is always on account of performance only.

5. Cancelation
5.1. In case of a cancellation by the guest the following cancellation fees are due:
• free of charge up to 10 day or 7 working days prior to the agreed arrival day
• If canceled within 10 days (7 working days) prior to arrival day we charge a cancellation fee of 1,000 Euro.
Should a cancellation be necessary due to an unforeseen acute deterioration in health (with medical report) no
cancellation fee will be charged.

5.2. If the guest cancels during his stay (termination of the stay) from the remaining value of the booked and confirmed
arrangements 80% will be charged. The calculation is based on the following values: a daily rate of Euro 408.38.

5.3. Services that were neither implemented nor cancelled will be invoiced at 80% of the arrangement. It is irrelevant
here whether the SZBH is fully booked or not.

5.4. All cancellations must be made in writing.

5.5. The above cancellation charges will be reduced by the amount that has been achieved by a resale of the cancelled

6. Legal Responsibility
6.1. The guest is liable to the SZBH for all damages caused by him or his guests.

6.2. The SZBH is not liable to the guest if the service provision is impossible due to the event of a strike or force
majeure. The SZBH aims in these cases to provide alternative services with the same quality standards.

6.3. If a guest arrives with a motor vehicle and this is parked in a parking space provided by SZBH for free, or even if a
fee is charged, this does not cause a “Leihvertrag” (Lend-Agreement) or a “Mietvertrag” (Rent- Agreement) and no
“Verwahrungsvertrag” (Contract of safe custody). The SZBH accepts no duty of care for cars and content. The SZBH is
only liable for vehicles and contents in case of intent and gross negligence.

7. Cancellation by the SZBH
7.1. If during the Guest’s stay a change in his/her health condition occurs that require ongoing medical help or
supervision, the SZBH is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect. The remaining amount for unused
services is determined and returned.

7.2. If the guest is using the premises for other than the agreed purpose, the SZBH is entitled to an extraordinary
termination right.

8. Miscellaneous
8.1. Animals are not allowed in SZBH. The accommodation of an animal by the guest entitles SZBH to terminate the
contract. In these cases SZBH has the right to claim the agreed compensation for the 3E Programme.

8.2. All Wake-up calls, information provided, mail and other deliveries are non-binding. Claims of any kind from the guest can not be derived.

8.3. Lost property (things left behind) will be forwarded on request and not free. The retention period is 4 months.

8.4. The SZBH assumes no responsibility for brought valuables, cash, clothes, musical instruments, technical products

9. General
9.1. The right remains to correct mistakes and printing and calculation errors.

9.2. Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be invalid or void for the SZBH, so the validity
of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. In the event of invalidity of individual provisions the following regulation applies, that the one applies that comes closest to the originally planned commercially intent and that is legally allowed.

9.3. Changes, additions, and ancillary restrictions (regardless of what kind) require to be legally effective a confirmation
in writing by both parties.

9.4. German Law applies.
Version 24th of January 2016. The place of jurisdiction is the location of SZBH